Thursday, June 27, 2013

Catching Up


A few days ago, Rannie mentioned that she missed hearing from the members who had left the forum and gone to facebook. She wished there was a Catching up feature where people could do the equivalent of a Christmas letter.

So, I'm going to use my BC blog for just that purpose. If you want to let people know what's been going on in your life (husband promoted, kid in love, you in love, moved house, won a prize, finished the new quilt), write it out and send it to me. I know you could do that in chit chat, but the difference is that on my blog, you can include pictures.

All of these posts can be found by using the "catch up" tag.

I'm inviting you to write a catch up post, include 2 or 3 pictures, and send it to me at texaswren at gmail dot com. Then, visit the blog regularly and see what's new. While here, you can see the ornament exchange pages, the Remembrance page, and some book pages. Now that life has calmed a bit, I'm going to add the BC authors, and a few other things from my old site. If you have any scathingly brilliant ideas (name that book!) for things I could add, just let me know.

(Warning, shameful plug!) While you are here, you could click on the follow me button! I love followers!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catching Up with Sneakeasy

I'll just cut and paste his message.  Take it away, Sneakeasy!

Sneakeasy's Bookshelf

I've Registered, and Released, several books since my recent return to action. ;-D
So what happened at the end of 2008, why did I disappear?

A busy work life, and not enough time to do this cool hobby justice.

I donated a couple boxes of books to I forget who, in 2010, and moved on, though I DID keep that huge cool red bag Bookcrossing seems to no longer sell, as well as my rubber stamps, and some bags, don't ask me why. ;-D

I also updated over 30 books, from registered to travelling, that had been among those boxes of donated books.

A few months ago I donated the Red Bag to a charity, with no clue I was gonna slowly get back into Bookcrossing last month. ;-D

Those familiar with me, and how I Bookcross, know it was one of the most unique efforts in the history of the Community.

The Resurrection Project died when I left, but now I'm slowly gonna resurrect it. ;-D

"I have made it a special interest of mine, as you will see when exploring my bookshelf, to rescue books, as old as I am, and ESPECIALLY older than I, from the oblivion of Thrift Stores, Used Bookstores, Yard Sales, Garage Sales, and the like, and re-introducing them to new readers, and fans."

I have the distinction of having registered & released one of the oldest books on Bookcrossing (1849).

Some of the 30 books mentioned above are very old books, and I will gradually update entries with a little research to share more about each.

I was also founder of Bicycling Booklovers of Bookcrossing, and effort to get cyclists to set books free on bike rides. ;-D

"Are you a Bicyclist?

Do you Release books on Bike Rides, and mention this in Journal Entries, and better yet take pictures, with, or without, you and/or your Trusty Steed, to include in the entry? ( Not required, but a fun enhancement to any Journal Entry. )

Then why not proudly proclaim yourself to the world, in your Bookshelf Page, as a Bicycling BookLover of BookCrossing?"

I was known for researched entries for books I registered, and for my Zone & Release Photos.

I also blogged alot  about Bookcrossing, not just on my current blog, begun in 2007, Musings of a Mad Macedonianbut on the one before that, as well.

I'm a poet, storyteller, genealogist, cyclist, hiker, photographer, and more.

My Cat Nikita was my co-blogger, since 2002, until I gave him his own blog in January 2010, Musings of an Opinionated Pussycat --- Orange County's Premiere Cat Blog! ;-D

As part of my recent return to Bookcrossing I've let "Nikita" register some of his favorite Cat books, share a photo of him looking at  each book, and let him write the registration note entry. ;-D

He's curious to know if other fellow Cat Bloggers are also Bookcrossers like me. ;-D

I've been unemployed, unable to afford health insurance, since last Sept. 1st, and took computer classes to add some marketable skills to my resume, but last month I stupidly broke my ankle in 3 places, climbing down into a ditch after a feral cat.

After Surgery, and a month in a cast, and on crutches, the cast was removed yesterday, and I'm now hobbling around with an ankle/foot brace, trying to get used to walking on my right foot again.

The pictures included here are of the locations of 2 recent books sent Travelling, and of me
with a soon to be traveling book, at a bus stop in Santa Ana, Ca., this afternoon. ;-D

Mr. Kiril Kundurazieff
HOME: Santa Ana, Ca.

Writer, Poet, Humorist, Photographer
Cat Person, Cyclist, Walker/Hiker

LinkedIN Profile

Catching Up with TexasWren

Ok, I guess I'll start this new feature. 

I ran a BC support site from 2003 to 2010.  After the site changes, I decided that my site was providing enough information to justify the monthly expense.  So, I brought it to the blog.  As time goes on, I will add more.

So, to catch up.  After 17 years of owning and operating our own business, we lost our contract last summer.  A big Mega-Corp came in, offered a better deal, and the small, local company (us) was terminated.  So, I became unemployed.  It appears that owning a company doesn't provide you with the things you need to get a job these days.  I am currently doing home day care and have a wonderful 11 month old baby to care for each day.  She's a doll and I am completely crazy about her--spoiling her rotten.  ;-)

I also have an Etsy shop where I make a variety of handmade items.  Thanks to a flurry of sales and some busy days, I only have one item left in the shop, but that will change soon.  You can visit Wren's Crossing here.   This is an example of one of the things I make.

I guess that's my exciting life.  I'll close with a picture of my assistant--one of them.  Meet Bubba. His job is to insure that any post has plenty of typos.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to My Friends

No matter what you celebrate, I wish you love and joy on this day. You all mean the world to me. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Slow and steady!

As you can see, I've started adding things to this new site.  It's a slow process, and there probably won't be much added this week.  Next weekend is our Paw Pals Rummage sale, and I will spend most waking hours for the next 7 days, working on that.  If you are in the DFW metroplex or in Central Texas, you might want to stop by and shop!!  Say hi while you are there!!  Last year, we raised about $19,000 selling things that people donated to the sale, and we expect even more this year.

I have been working on the Remembrance page, because I think that and the labels are the most important parts.  So, please bear with me and soon, everything will be back to normal.  I anticipate that the ornaments, gatherings, labels, pets, birthdays, authors, cross-stitch, and a few  faqs will migrate over here.

Please let me know if you find any broken links or have any suggestions. 


Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is the new version of my old website.  Some of the new parts will move over here, some will disappear.  Stay tuned!