Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catching Up with Sneakeasy

I'll just cut and paste his message.  Take it away, Sneakeasy!

Sneakeasy's Bookshelf

I've Registered, and Released, several books since my recent return to action. ;-D
So what happened at the end of 2008, why did I disappear?

A busy work life, and not enough time to do this cool hobby justice.

I donated a couple boxes of books to I forget who, in 2010, and moved on, though I DID keep that huge cool red bag Bookcrossing seems to no longer sell, as well as my rubber stamps, and some bags, don't ask me why. ;-D

I also updated over 30 books, from registered to travelling, that had been among those boxes of donated books.

A few months ago I donated the Red Bag to a charity, with no clue I was gonna slowly get back into Bookcrossing last month. ;-D

Those familiar with me, and how I Bookcross, know it was one of the most unique efforts in the history of the Community.

The Resurrection Project died when I left, but now I'm slowly gonna resurrect it. ;-D

"I have made it a special interest of mine, as you will see when exploring my bookshelf, to rescue books, as old as I am, and ESPECIALLY older than I, from the oblivion of Thrift Stores, Used Bookstores, Yard Sales, Garage Sales, and the like, and re-introducing them to new readers, and fans."

I have the distinction of having registered & released one of the oldest books on Bookcrossing (1849).

Some of the 30 books mentioned above are very old books, and I will gradually update entries with a little research to share more about each.

I was also founder of Bicycling Booklovers of Bookcrossing, and effort to get cyclists to set books free on bike rides. ;-D

"Are you a Bicyclist?

Do you Release books on Bike Rides, and mention this in Journal Entries, and better yet take pictures, with, or without, you and/or your Trusty Steed, to include in the entry? ( Not required, but a fun enhancement to any Journal Entry. )

Then why not proudly proclaim yourself to the world, in your Bookshelf Page, as a Bicycling BookLover of BookCrossing?"

I was known for researched entries for books I registered, and for my Zone & Release Photos.

I also blogged alot  about Bookcrossing, not just on my current blog, begun in 2007, Musings of a Mad Macedonianbut on the one before that, as well.

I'm a poet, storyteller, genealogist, cyclist, hiker, photographer, and more.

My Cat Nikita was my co-blogger, since 2002, until I gave him his own blog in January 2010, Musings of an Opinionated Pussycat --- Orange County's Premiere Cat Blog! ;-D

As part of my recent return to Bookcrossing I've let "Nikita" register some of his favorite Cat books, share a photo of him looking at  each book, and let him write the registration note entry. ;-D

He's curious to know if other fellow Cat Bloggers are also Bookcrossers like me. ;-D

I've been unemployed, unable to afford health insurance, since last Sept. 1st, and took computer classes to add some marketable skills to my resume, but last month I stupidly broke my ankle in 3 places, climbing down into a ditch after a feral cat.

After Surgery, and a month in a cast, and on crutches, the cast was removed yesterday, and I'm now hobbling around with an ankle/foot brace, trying to get used to walking on my right foot again.

The pictures included here are of the locations of 2 recent books sent Travelling, and of me
with a soon to be traveling book, at a bus stop in Santa Ana, Ca., this afternoon. ;-D

Mr. Kiril Kundurazieff
HOME: Santa Ana, Ca.

Writer, Poet, Humorist, Photographer
Cat Person, Cyclist, Walker/Hiker

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